Terms of use


Prosperity members are entitled to receive a referral reward of $2,000 when they introduce a new buyer to the ENTRE SHIELD PROPERTY in accordance with this section.




(a) The referring Prosperity member (Referrer) must:

  (1) Has satisfied all Purchaser Conditions in their Eligible Contract;

  (2) Complete the Referral Form on or before the Eligible Contract is signed by the Referred Purchaser; and

  (3) Not otherwise be excluded under section 1.6; and

 (b) The referred purchaser (Referred Purchaser) must:


  (1) Be an individual or company ;

  (2) On or before entering into the relevant Eligible Contract, nominate or confirm to ENTRE SHIELD PROPERTY that the Referrer was their referrer ; 

  (3) Satisfy the Purchaser Conditions in the Eligible Contract ;

And must not be:


  (4) An existing client; or

  (5) Already known to ENTRE SHIELD PROPERTY as a potential purchaser, including by being previously introduced or referred to Entre Shield Property by another party or Agent, or  appearing on Entre Shield Property Sales database.




(a) Where there are multiple purchasers:

(b) At least one of the purchasers must satisfy the conditions for being a Referred Purchaser in the section 1.2(b); and All the purchasers must satisfy the requirements in section 4.2(b) and 4.2 (b)(6) Only one 


 referral reward is payable on each Eligible Contract.




Prosperity member C refers A and B to Entre Shield Property. A and B are the named purchasers on an Eligible Contract and settle their purchase. C is paid a referral reward in accordance with the referral reward terms when A and B satisfied all their Purchaser Conditions under the contract. 

B and D jointly enter into an Eligible Contract. D could, on its own, be a Referred Purchaser however because D is purchasing with B, no referral reward is payable.

1.4 Multiple referral rewards

There is no cap on the amount, or number of, referral rewards that a Prosperity member may be paid for referring new purchasers to ENTRE SHIELD PROPERTY. 

However, the referral reward is only available on the first Eligible Contract entered into by the Referred Purchaser and not on any subsequent purchases by the Referred Purchaser.

1.5 Payment of referral reward

The referral reward will be paid to the Referrer within 10 business days after ENTRE SHIELD PROPERTY received the commission payments from the Developer(s). 

If the Referrer is a company, the referral reward will be paid to one person that the authorised representative of the company nominates in writing.

1.6 Exclusions

Despite any other term or condition, no referral reward is payable: 

  1. to an Agent or Agent’s Associate, when the referral is made in relation to a property:

(i) for which the Agent is eligible for a sales commission or other similar payment; or 

(ii) that forms part of a Development on which the Agent is currently engaged as a selling agent