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Melbourne Square Stage 2

Introducing the next evolution of Melbourne Square, where the significance of open space, fresh air, and the freedom to roam has been meticulously considered within a holistic design that prioritises wellness and fosters a sense of community.




Melbourne Square offers a city address unrivalled for the breadth of its amenity and sense of community. Already with a full-line Woolworths supermarket and childcare centre, the precinct will continue to take shape as the only Southbank development with an expansive 3,745m2 park (Kennedy Park), boasting established gardens, a waterfall and leafy grounds.


 93-119 Kavanagh St, Southbank, Victoria


OSK Property

Melbourne Square Stage 2

All of Melbourne's most celebrated lifestyle attractions are at Southbank, a true international destination of global repute

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Designed for the Future

Showcasing industry-leading sustainability and built-in connectivity, BLVD is designed for tomorrow's living standards. Along with a smart building app, home automation security, smart lockers and convenient access to everyday service, the WELL Certification is also crucial in future-proofing the building. Healthy living and technology combine to create a safer and thriving community.


BLVD Lobby

Your Dedicated Concierge

Taking delivery of your parcels, groceries and dry cleaning are just a few of the perks of a dedicated concierge stationed in the lobby. Think personal assistant to organise car share hire, book a room in the amenity spaces for that special occasion and help navigate the BLVD App. For busy people with schedules to manage, a concierge is the link to a well-ordered life.

Podium Club

Wellness Amenity

Healthy living is elevated to an artform in the Podium Club, combining the many elements that nourish mind, body and spirit. Holistic conception, health-affirming in execution, there is a diversity of spaces for active and reflective engagement to achieve a balanced you. Here you can swim, spin, stretch and flex in surroundings that are equal part inspiration and aspiration. 

The integration of landscaping into shared spaces and the façade of BLVD, creates a healthier home where nature’s grand design is woven beautifully and artfully into the architecture.



Co-Quarter Work Spaces

With the five day, nine to five working week a distant memory, Co-Quarter provides a working environment that closely resembles Melbourne's best modern offices. Level 55 co-working desks are complemented by a lounge and breakout zone with a spectacular staircase spiralling to Level 56 above. Here, co-working space mixes with private pods for focused work, a meeting room for team catch-ups and presentations, a fully equipped kitchenette and breakout zones.

Skye Club

Exclusive Level 55 Skye Club

Far above the botanical beauty of the gardens below and the magical light show that is Melbourne by night, the Skye Club transports Premium Apartment residents to a world of exclusive luxury. A private lounge offers a window to the magnificent panorama of the city; elevated, elegant and quietly luxurious. The cocktail bar lends an air of hotel
hospitality, a convivial invitation to entertain, celebrate and live the moment. Adjoining the private dining room, where 14 guests can dine in comfort, a caterer’s kitchen adds to the pleasure of hosting at home. The palette is warm, the mood refined, the feeling truly splendid.



The residences capture beautifully restrained and timeless interior architecture. Continuing the same reductionist ideology and palette, nature shines through warm, tonal materials and subtle, textured finishes. Together, they create a calm environment for you to make your own and live your way. Perfectly attuned with a design that elevates the senses, we feel very privileged to carve new spaces for the next generation.

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