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Melbourne vs Sydney: The Debate on Australia's Best Place to Live

Source: Yeeyi

Australia's two major cities, Melbourne and Sydney, have always been a focal point that makes it difficult for people to decide. So, which city is more suitable for living, development, and work? This is a contentious issue.

Melbourne was founded in 1834 and experienced rapid industrial development after the discovery of gold in 1851, becoming the largest city in Australia. However, it was later surpassed by Sydney. Today, Melbourne is globally recognized as the most livable city, topping the charts for seven consecutive years.

However, Sydney, as Australia's most prosperous and developed city, faces a worrying issue of continuous population loss. In recent years, Sydney has been losing approximately 129 people per day, with only 85 people moving in, becoming the focus of population loss.

Melbourne also has unique advantages in education, being ranked as the world's fifth-best student city, with over 200,000 international students from more than 170 countries, including a large number of Chinese students.

In terms of living environment, Sydney is renowned for its New York-style vibrancy, while Melbourne exudes a more European artistic and leisurely atmosphere. Both cities have their own climate advantages, with Sydney enjoying ample sunshine and Melbourne experiencing colder winters.

Economically, Sydney's monthly average salary is higher than Melbourne's, but the cost of living, particularly housing prices, is relatively high. Melbourne's construction workers even rank seventh globally in terms of average annual income.

In terms of transportation, Melbourne boasts a more convenient public transport system, while Sydney's transportation costs are slightly higher, especially during peak hours.

In summary, Melbourne and Sydney each have their own characteristics. Melbourne is renowned for its livability and educational resources, while Sydney is known for its economic prosperity and abundant job opportunities. Ultimately, the choice between Melbourne and Sydney depends on individual lifestyle preferences and career needs.

In the competition for the title of 'Australia's first city', Melbourne and Sydney each have their strengths, and the final choice depends on individual preferences and requirements.

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